Sunday, May 15, 2016


Hi friends! I'm excited to be bringing you a tutorial for making a Memories wall hanging. Let's get started!

Supply list:
Chipboard sign
Acrylic paint and brush
Coordinated papers and tags
Ribbon and crochet thread
Dew Drops
Die cuts
Flowers, mini clothes pins, other embellishments
Glue, glue gun, glue dots

The first thing I did was paint the edge and the areas that would show between the letters. I just used an off-white acrylic paint for this.

Then I chose the papers that I wanted to use. I chose colors that looked good together, and patterns that could coordinate with each other.

I turned the chipboard upside down on my chosen paper and traced it, then trimmed on the inside of the line to get the shape of the letter. For some of the letters I used a solid paper on the bottom, and a patterned paper on the upper part.

Following is the paper after it's glued on to the first letter.

I used a border die to create the fancy border before I cut out the top portion of the letter. 

The first letter is finished!

Using the same technique, I cut out the remaining paper and applied it to the letters.

Some of the letters couldn't "connect" all the way while tracing. I just had to follow an imaginary line around the letter while cutting, and it worked just fine!

I added flowers, ribbons, bows, and other embellishments, along with some keys and tags hanging from the letters. And I added Dew Drops, of course! Here are some close up shots of the embellishments.

The completed project is just so cute!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Proxxon Tools said...

what a cute project, thanks for you interest in being apart of the Robin Nest DT