Monday, January 12, 2015

More Painted Ponies

Today I am showing you another beautiful carousel that I made with the SVG Cuts file. This one is more vintage looking, but still has lots of bling, with added sparkle from holographic paper!  
All the ponies have more realistic colors, and the poles are painted silver. This is a favorite file of mine, so I'm sure I'll be making more of these!

Thanks for joining me today!


scraphappenswithrhonda said...

this is so beautiful love it. hugs

Larimore2 said...

So of all the things you've made so far - including today's heart basket- I'd have to say THIS takes the cake!!! The time spent putting those teeny, tiny, wee, wittle ponies on there...not to mention the fact that they're just PONIES, and those certain critters just run all over my heart and leave their hoofprints...that says it all. For ME, anyway. ;) Love you, Chicksta!