Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Name Frame Tutorial

These are just general guidelines for making a name frame. You can make them any size you want, with any theme. I just thought the beaded star accent was cool and this might help you if you want to try making one for yourself! The silver paper is quite reflective in the photo, but it does show the lettering!

I wanted to make this to fit an 11 x 14 frame, so I had to cut two pieces of paper down to 11 inches, then cut the second piece of paper to 2 1/2 inches.

I used adhesive and put the two pieces of paper together with a 1/2" overlap. You could make this smaller and use just a 12 x 12 or 8 1/2 x 11.

I alternated the layers for each letter, using Spellbinders square dies and the eyelet square die. I had a silver with green layer and a green with silver layer.

I used my Sizzlits to cut out the letters of her name from the same pink paper that I used for the background.

Here is the layering process for each letter. First the eyelet square piece in silver, with the green square centered on top.

Then I applied the letter to the top.

I cut out numerous stars and star outlines from the silver paper, using 5 different sizes of star punches. (I didn't know I had that many sizes!)

Now for the center star...I just drew a star the size that I wanted it to be, traced it on the back of the silver paper and cut it out.

Using my Scor-Pal, I scored through the star from the point at the top to the intersection at the bottom on all five points.

This got a little tricky. The points got folded up and the opposite side got folded down.

I found that if I did this gently, going around the star a couple of times to get the correct fold, it seemed to work.

The completed 3-D star!

Add a pretty bit of bling!

Next I took some of the silver stars and pressed them down into my embossing pad.

Cover each one with embossing powder. I used Hologram Highlights from Stampin' Up.

Next, use your heat gun to emboss.

Now for the fun part! I cut three pieces of jewelry wire about 5 inches long. I glued a clear silver-lined seed bead to the end of each piece and let it dry. Then I strung more of the seed beads onto the wire, adjusting so that there were three different lengths.

I used more glue at the top, sliding the top two beads apart and putting some glue on the wire, then letting the bead slide down onto the glue. There is no stress on these beaded attachments, so it doesn't have to be a lot of glue.

Completed shooting star! After these pictures were taken, I decided to make a change to the name frame. The star theme was chosen because Kennedy's favorite song is "Starry Night" by Chris August, so I chose to add those words to it. I used the same star punches and alternated sizes, using green for the background star, silver for the front star, and the same pink paper for the letters. I did have to use smaller Sizzlit letters. All the components were adhered to the background paper. Finished! Please feel free to comment and help me improve!

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